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Server & Forum Rules

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#1 MegaRobot



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Posted 07 April 2012 - 07:03 AM

UberPirates Server Rules:

  • Speak english (chat / voice)
  • No offensive or inappropriate language
  • No personal abuse or disrespectful remarks
  • No advertisement
  • No spam (chat / voice)
  • No pornographic, offensive or disturbing sprays
  • Cheating will result in a permanent ban

Uber Surf:

  • Spawn camping is allowed
  • You can build everywhere
  • No door blocking

Freak Fortress:

  • Capping is allowed (cap if u can't kill)
  • Friendly is forbidden!
  • Don't waste time
  • Don't get angry because you died
  • Using glitches / bugs is forbidden


  • Streaming music is only allowed @ HLDJ server
  • One micspam at a time
  • Don't override the song that someone is playing
  • Don't continue micspamming, if people don't like it
  • Don't start camping somewhere and waste time
  • Don't get angry because you died
  • Using glitches / bugs is forbidden

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#2 MegaRobot



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Posted 26 August 2013 - 04:30 PM


  • Please keep all your private data secret and don't tell anyone!
  • Do not release any private information about members!
  • Do not tell anyone your STEAM details: Steam Account Security Recommendations


Forum Rules:

  • No offensive or inappropriate language
  • Do not insult other people
  • Do not post or link pornographic, offensive or disturbing content
  • Do not flame or spam
  • Do not open useless threads
  • Do not double post (Use the edit button!)
  • No Illegal Content (Such as Warez, Cracks, Filesharing (like: music) and other questionable content)
  • No advertisement or ref. links
  • No url shortners or masked / cloaked links
  • No Back Seat modding (Backseat modding is when a person tries to act like a mod or admin of a forum. Use the Report button when it's necessary.)
  • Follow the special rules of each forum category!
  • Avoid necro-posting (A necro-post is a new reply posted to an old inactive topic. The word necro means corpse and as such the act of necro-posting is replying to "dead" topics.)
  • Don't BUMP your topic (Bring Up My Post) - You may BUMP only once every 3 days after no new posts.
  • Rule breaker will have to face the consequesnces: a verbal warning up to 1 warning point (4 warning points & you are banned!)




  • The only accepted language in this forum is English.
  • We expect you to be considerate and polite, as this is a friendly forum.
  • Do not indulge in any form of political, religious, racial discussion or abuse.
  • In case of any problem with another member, PM a staff member about the situation and we will try our best to solve it.
  • Any member continually making posts that are negative or appear solely designed to incite disruptive debates - will be suspended.
  • Help others, especially new members.


  • Don’t abuse/spam using the PM system.
  • If you receive an abusive/spam PM, press the report button or forward it to any staff member for further action.
  • The PM system should not be used as a means of advertising, in any form.


  • Do not use flashy gif's that could cause epileptic seizure
  • The maximum dimensions & filesize for an avatar is 512x512px, 256 KB.
  • Signatures are locked until 14 days after joining
  • Members are allowed to have a maximum of 1 image (450x120px), 2 urls and 3 lines in their signatures.
  • They should not be offensive or insensitive. Avatars and signatures that offend decency, or may give rise to offence, will be removed immediately.


  • Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive, inhumane or unethical in any sense. Explicit, adult contents are absolutely prohibited in the forum.
  • Post in the appropriate section. Posts in the wrong section will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the Staff.
  • Members must not use one or two word posts such as Thank you, Good Job, for the mere purpose of increasing the post count. Doing so can result in warning.


  • IP addresses, usernames, passwords, emails cannot be requested.
  • Do not bump your request before a time period of 3 days.


  • You may acquire a warning by breaking any of the above mentioned rules.
  • Moderator/Admin decisions are final.
  • Continued disregard for the rules will result in a permanent ban.

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